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The Word of Christ Ministry is not-for-profit non-denominational Christian fellowship with the main goal to deliver the truth about the existence of life after death, heaven, hell, unaltered Gospel of Christ to the world and through the global outreach ministry to show that “Jesus is “the Resurrection, and the Life”, and anyone who believes in Him will live forever in heaven, even after dying. The core values define and shape our approach to ministry and the way we relate to each other.. 

We work to establish strategic mission partnerships with local churches to support missionaries and charity projects throughout the world. The Great Commission compels us to make evangelism our first and primary focus. Everything we do must filter through the desire for and the purpose of evangelizing a lost and dying world. Matthew 28:19 clearly demonstrates that evangelism is incomplete without making disciples. Discipleship involves growth towards maturity and teaching converts to become "disciplers."

We serve in over 30 countries around the world.

Our methods are as diverse as our missionaries. Everything we do involves evangelism, discipleship and compassion for the needs of people.

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