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The Word of Christ Ministry supports numerous global projects to help children, seniors, veterans, and other people in critical need with ultimate goal to share the gospel and deliver the Word of Christ to the world.  These are just a few among many projects and charities we support...

Children Cancer Project

Project dedicated to support and cure children with cancer

Seniors In-Need

Helping seniors in-need

Blind Children Project

Help children and their families tackle the challenges of young sight loss so that they can enjoy their childhood and realise their potential as adults.

Food and Shelters for Homeless

Food and shelters for homeless

Children of War Zones

Providing Shelter, and Crisis Services work to shelter, nurture and develop youth. Homes, shelters and orphanages; camps and youth ranches serving the needs of at-risk children and children in war zones.

Disabled Children Project

Helping children with disabilities and serious illnesses.  

Children in Distress Project

Transforms the lives of children at mortal risk, providing them and their future generations a productive future and eternal hope. We minister to the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of street children. This ministry helps these children to experience personal transformation while being equipped to live successful, productive lives as adult members of society. Our comprehensive Christ-centered model is long-term, residential, educational and community-based. In order to impact the lives of tens of thousands of displaced children, we are developing the institute to train local organizations to serve more effectively and expand their reach.

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